Code No. 12001-AN008





Over 500HP with Z33!!

This kit can achieve over 500hp if the engine is strengthened, and better torque and power than GTS7040 kit with a stock engine.






  • The intercooler size is doubled compared to the existing kit. The capacity is doubled as well to withstand 500hp.
  • The diameter of the suction pipe and intercooler pipe is enlarged by 35%.
  • The airflow capacity of the supercharger is increased by 30% compared to the existing kit (GT7040).
  • With adequate airflow, the torque & power increase are noticeable from the low to high speed range!!






【Note in order to install this kit】

  • S/C Pulley: Prepare φ100 or φ110 supercharger pulley depending on the target output.
  • Belt: Prepare a belt matches with the supercharger pulley.
    S/C Pulley Dia. Code No. Belt Code No.
    φ100 12999-AK005 7PK1070 24996-AK038
    φ110 12999-AK006 7PK1092 24996-AK039
  • Prepare a engine management system such as HKS F-CON.
  • Select the spark plug which heat range is appropriate to the vehicle specifications.
  • Fuel Parts: HKS Fuel Upgrade Kit which is designed to withstand 400hp or more.



Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year S/C SIZE Code No. Manual Remarks
FAIRLADY Z UA-, CBA- Z33 VQ35DE 02/07 -06/10 GTS8555 12001-AN008 For MT/AT, Requires purchase of supercharger pulley and belt separately, depending on the target power output. Installation may require Fuel Upgrade Kit(14007-AN005) available separately.