GT2 SUPERCHARGER Complete Kit CROWN Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 12001-AT011




The kit having GT2 Supercharger with high durability and rotation balance.




Billet Compressor Wheel



  • Adopting a billet compressor wheel improves the strength and rotation balance performance.
  • Supercharger operating sounds heard in the cabin is significantly reduced using the stock air cleaner box.
  • HKS provides the control system (F-CON iS + OSC). You can enjoy the drive as soon as installed this kit. (Replacement of high heat value type spark plug is required.)
  • Can be installed without large-scale modification.
  • This kit does not include VAC. (The vehicle without VAC requires VAC/45002-AT006 to be purchased separately.)
    Note: For vehicles with VAC, just change the connection from the VAC unit to F-CON+VAC harness coupler.





Output 260KW(353ps) / 5970rpm 219KW(297ps) / 6300rpm
Torque 432N・m(44.1kgf・m) / 5130rpm 352N・m(35.9kgf・m) / 4630rpm

Note: The above output and torque data measured by HKS Chassis dynamometer.
The measured values may be different depending on the equipment or each vehicle.



Parts included
GT2 SUPERCHARGER (Vehicle specific) Supercharger bracket Pulley/belt
Intercooler (400X260X65) Suction Pipe Chamber Pipe
Relief Valve Traction Oil Cooler Traction Oil Tank
Traction Oil F-CON iS + OSC (pre configured) F-CON Harness



  • Included "F-CON iS" is for Stock Vehicle. (Installing HKS Muffler is possible)
  • Included data is based on the normal ECU. Do not use with other tuned parts or tuned ECU.
  • Spark Plug for the high heat value type is required. (recommend HKS M40iL plug)
  • For the vehicle installing the rear air conditioner requires relocation of smog-ventilation sensor.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year S/C SIZE Code No. Price Remarks
CROWN GRS184 2GR-FSE 05/10-08/01 GT2-7040 12001-AT011 For vehicles equipped with VAC.