86 ZN6

Code No. 12001-KT004A





Supercharger kit with new layout best match with the 91 octane gasoline.




  • Matching with the 91 octane gasoline is optimized. The kit layout and supercharger setting are improved from the existing kit.
  • The engine output shows a 50% increase from the stock.
  • PULLEY UPGRADE KIT and E85 fuel + upgraded fuel part enable the engine to output 90% more compared to the stock.
  • ECU Package includes FLASH EDITOR with preset data.
    HKS S/C RON91: RON91 gasoline spec. 255HP (+80HP of the stock)
    HKS S/C E85: E85 +PULLEY UPGRADE KIT + Fuel Pump + Injector. 320HP (+150HP of the stock)
    ※Pulley Upgrade Kit, fuel pump, and injector are available separately.
  • This kit is designed exclusively for FR-S/BRZ. All necessary installation parts are included in the kit.






Code No. Product Price Remarks
12002-KK003 V-Ribbed Belt 2160   For repair 6PK2160
12002-KK004 V-Ribbed Belt 2135   For repair 6PK2135
12002-KK102 GT2-7040L Overhaul (FR-S)   For repair Only Supercharger



Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year S/C SIZE Code No. Manual Remarks
86 ZN6 FA20 12/04 - GT2-7040L 12001-KT004A Detune flash editor data (MT) for USDM vehicle