HKS GT SUPERCHARGER Pro Kit SKYLINE COUPE Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 12001-AN006




* Engine cover is not incluted in this kit.




  • The centrifugal type HKS GTS7040 is included, the next generation SUPERCHARGER which has a "Quick acceleration response without lag", "Linear torque characteristic at low and middle rpm" and "Low mechanical noise and compact design"
  • Pro Kit does not include Fuel parts and engine management system. It can be used at high horsepower with engine internal upgrading.

* 1 : Spark Plug is not included. Select proper one for your vehicle.

HKS recommends HKS SUPER FIRE RACING M40IL (50003-M40IL)





■ Clean exhaust gas by high environmental performance.

・Exhaust gas pressure is kept higher than turbocharger. It reduces load of engine. Catalytic converters work efficiently and emission will be reduced.

■ High power and quick response from compressor speed at 110,000 rpm.

・Setting is for durability and torque characteristic with consideration of engine capacity and limitation.

■ Stress less good feeling

Full time forced induction enables quick acceleration response.

■ Simple installation

・There is no difficult modification required. Compact centrifugal type supercharger will be smoothly installed in the engine compartment.



Kit Components
Pro Kit
  • GT Supercharger (GTS7040)
  • Intercooler
  • Supercharger Bracket
  • Pulley, Belt
  • Super Power Flow
  • Suction Pipe
  • Chamber Pipe
  • Relief Valve
  • Traction Oil Cooler
  • Traction Oil Tank
  • Traction Oil



  • The use of parts which are not listed will void warranty.
  • Need a separate spark plug.
  • Need to move the smog sensor for a rear air conditioner installed vehicle.
  • Approximate installation time:12 -16 hours
  • Recommendation : HKS metal catalyzer (33005-AN003)



Required Parts
Catalytic Stock
Exhasut manifold Stock or HKS Stock Replacement Type Stainless Exhaust Manifold
Center pipe Stock or HKS Stainless Center Pipe
Muffler Stock or HKS LEGAMAX
(Full Dual Muffler or LEGAMAX Premium are also included for FAIRLADY Z.)
Spark Plug HKS SUPER FIRE RACING M40iL / M45iL or S40iL / S45iL
Engine Oil Racing Pro / SUPER OIL HR / SUPER OIL Premium – High temp. viscosity must be 40 or higher.


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year S/C SIZE Code No. Price Remarks
SKYLINE COUPE CBA- CPV35 VQ35DE 05/11-06/10 GTS7040 12001-AN006 * Discontinued. For MT/AT