BOLT ON TURBO KIT ODYSSEY Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 11001-AH005




HKS has released a new bolt on turbo kit of the Absolute version of the popular minivan RB1 Odyssey. Compared to other high power minivan, Odyssey has less power but drive fine at winding road because of the low floor. If you are not satisfied with your engine power, or if you are done with the suspension and exhaust system, this is your next step!





  • Bolt On Turbo Kit that can be easily installed to stock engine.
  • All required parts for installation are included in the kit. (*1)
  • Special ECU is included in the kit.
  • Proved T25 turbine was selected to be used with stock engine and injector as low boost pressure spec without turbo lug.
  • HKS had well considered about CVT or AT durability for the heavy Odyssey.

*1 : Spark spark plug is required separately. (M35i or M40i are recommended.)



  • T25G turbine 60T A/R0.64
  • Actuator Assy
    (adjustable: supercharger setting 0.3kgf/cm2)
  • Exhaust manifold (cast)
  • Extension pipe (cast)
  • Chamber Pipe (polished aluminum)
  • Suction pipe (polished aluminum)
  • SPF reloaded (Dry 3 layer)
  • Other short parts
  • F-CONiS (special data)
  • F-CON harness + connection cable (OBD II)



Remarks for installation

  • Please make sure that the engine and ECU are normal because the F-CON has the special data.
  • Gasoline must be the "high octane"
  • The spark plug is needed (M35I is recommended)
  • Turbo oil must be used for engine oil (10w50 is recommended)


Performance (absolute)

12% more power 160kW (217ps) than the stock.
40% more torque 30kg/m.
This vehicle produce high performance at low rpm, so no need to keep the high rpm.


Normal vehicle performance test
  Power Torque
Catalog value 200ps (147kW)/6800rpm 23.7kgf/m (232Nm)/4500rpm
Normal 194ps (143kW)/6400rpm 21.5kgf/m (211Nm)/4200rpm
Bolt on turbo kit 217ps (160kW)/6600rpm 30.0kgf/m (295Nm)/3100rpm

* Horse power and torque are tested with HKS' test car on chassis dynamometer.

* Actual test of normal value is for the LMP+R/SR installed.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Turbine Size Boost Pressure Code No. Price Remarks
ODYSSEY RB1 K24A 03/10-08/09 T25G 60T A/R0.64 29.4kPa (0.3kgf/cm2) 11001-AH005 * Discontinued. "Abosolute" models. Not compatible with 4WD.