GT FULL TURBINE KIT LANCER EVOLUTION X Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 11003-AM002





"GT FULL TURBINE KIT" that HKS CZ200S (CZ4A) recorded 59"495 (radial street tire) at Tsukuba Circuit with it.



  • New GT3240 turbine with A/R0.73.
    • Boost and power drop at high rpm with stock turbine will be solved.
  • The turbine is mounted on stock exhaust manifold with heat proof steel adaptor.
    • Because of its rear side exhaust manifold layout, which heat tends to remain there, stainless steel exhaust manifold was not selected for this application. With heat proof steel adaptor, it enables durable and reliable mounting.
  • Front Pipe and Bypass Pipe are designed to be used with stock catalytic converter.
    • The kit can be used with other HKS products (Piping Kit, Intercooler Kit, Racing Suction Kit etc.)
    • GTII Wastegate is the exhaust gas bypass valve.




Parts for the kit
GT3240 turbine (54T A/R0.73)
Turbine adapter (cast)
Front pipe
Bypass pipe
Chamber pipe (polished aluminum)
Suction pipe (polished aluminum)
Water, oil pipe
Other parts
Engine specification
Turbine GT3240FTK
Camshaft HKS V-CAM Pro (IN 256°/EX248°)
Piston HKS Forged Piston Kit φ86.5
Connecting Rod HKS H-beam prototype
Cylinder Head gasket HKS Metal t=1.2mm
Injector HKS 1000cc X 4
Fuel delivery pipe HKS Fuel Delivery Kit
Fuel regulator HKS Fuel Regulator


Remarks for installation
  • Modification (shaving) of transfer is required during installation.
  • Average installation time : 8 – 10 hours.
  • Upgrading of spark plug is required (Spark Plug Super Fire Racing M45XL is recommended.)
  • Use Turbo Oil (15W-50 etc.)
  • Need Racing Suction Reloaded/HKS intercooler kit/ Piping kit for installation.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Turbo Kit Turbine Size Boost Pressure Code No. Price Remarks
LANCER EVOLUTION X CZ4A 4B11 07/10- GT FULL TURBINE KIT GT-FTK GT3240 54T A/R0.73 107.9~137.3kPa (1.1~1.4kgf/cm2) 11003-AM002 * Discontinued. Not compatible with SST models. SST models require suction pipe fabrication.