GT II SPORTS TURBINE KIT FORESTER Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 11004-AF011





  • Factory Replacement Type Sports Turbine Kit for SUBARU EJ20/25 Single Scroll Turbine.
  • The ball bearing turbine of this kit was originally designed by HKS. Enlarged turbine wheel increases air volume. The ball bearing can reduce response loss. Also, the bypass port was also enlarged to reduce load to the engine and restrict the exhaust pressure increase at high engine rpm.
  • This turbine kit includes all necessary parts in order to install the kit such as an actuator, oil outlet pipe, etc. (There may be parts necessary to purchase separately, and parts modification is required in order to install this kit.)



Turbine specification
Model Compressor Turbine
Trim Inlet Dia. (mm) Back Dia. (mm) Trim Back Dia. (mm) Outlet Dia. (mm)
GT II 7460 49.0 52.0 74.0 81.0 60.0 54.0
EJ25 Stock 60.0 46.5 60.0 82.0 53.0 48.0
GT2835 56.0 53.1 71.1 84.0 56.5 51.8



  • GT II 7460 Turbine
  • Upgraded Actuator
  • Oil Piping
  • Water Piping
  • Gaskets/Short Parts
  • Since the turbine scroll is bigger, it comes in contact with the transmission case. Shave the part of transmission where comes in contact with the turbine.
  • Modification of factory heat insulator and bracket is required to install this kit.
  • This kit may be able to be installed on GC8 and GDB Type A & B with single scroll turbine. However, we did not test this kit on these models.



MODEL Control
Compressor Wheel Compressor Housing
Trim Inlet Dia.
Outlet Dia.
Inlet Dia.
Outlet Dia.
GT II 7460 Actuator 49 52.0 74.00 EJ only EJ only 0.82
Turbine Wheel Exhaust Housing
Trim O. D.
Outlet Dia.
Inlet Flange Outlet Flange A/R
81 60.0 54.0 EJ single scroll only EJ only 0.67


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Turbine Size Boost Pressure Code No. Price Remarks
FORESTER SG9 EJ25(TURBO) 04/02-07/11 GT II SPORTS TURBINE KIT GT II 7460 49T A/R 0.67 78.5~98.1kPa (0.8~1.0kgf/cm2) 11004-AF011 * Discontinued. ・For Single Scroll Turbine.