Code No. 11004-AD004




We have renewed popular L880K DX turbine kit for Daihatsu Copen. Reasonable price for an absolute power for your Copen.




  • Extreme power for over 3500RPM! HKS DX30KAI can produce more than 110 horse power which is not easy for a normal turbine to make.
  • Total bolt on installation.
  • Employed the newly designed "HKS DX 30KAI Turbine".
  • We designed it to use with stock catalyzer to have a low cost tunig.







  • DX30KAI turbocharger Assy (including actuator)
  • Casting exhaust manifold
  • Gasket, short parts like bolts


  Power Torque
HKS DX30KAI 120.0ps / 7300rpm 13.7kgf・m / 4900rpm
Stock Boost-up 86.3ps / 6100rpm 12.5kg-m / 3300rpm





■Test vehicle specification

For HKS DX turbine test

Vehicle L880K early model
Intake 70020-AD002 HKS Racing Suction Reloaded
Exhaust 31021-AD002 HKS LEGAMAX
Cooling 13001-AD001 HKS R type Intercooler Kit
13002-AD001 HKS Piping Kit
Fuel 1407-RA015 HKS adjustable fuel regulator
Electronics 42011-AK003 HKS F-CON iS
45003-AK011 HKS EVC6
Spark Plug 50003-M35i HKS SUPER FIRE RACING M35i
Gasoline high octane  


For Stock Boost-up test

Vehicle L880K early model
Exhasut 31021-AD002 HKS LEGAMAX
Solenoid Revised Stock orifice
Gasoline regular



■Installation Notice

* Approximate installation time: 8 hours

* Please make sure to reset the fuel and ignition when using HKS products.

* Because it’s a small size, good response turbine, it might have a surging if used with high boost pressure start-up boost controller. To avoid surging, we recommend to use a throttle control correction system, such as HKS boost controller EVC 5 or later

* Need a fuel tuning for boost over 110kPa (120ps).

* Because the later model is a return less system, it needs to use early model fuel pipes or change for a high capacity injector.

* We have set around 88.3kPa (0.9kgf/cm2) for factory setting actuator boost pressure. The approximate boost pressure adjustment is about 4.9kPa (0.05kgf/cm2) for 1mm of actuator rod length change



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Turbine Size Boost Pressure Code No. Manual Remarks
COPEN L880K JB-DET 02/06 -12/08 DX SPORTS TURBINE KIT DX30KAI 88.3kPa (0.9kgf/cm2) 11004-AD004 * Discontinued.