GT II SPORTS TURBINE KIT FORESTER Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 11004-AF012





New size for GTII turbine series has been designed in addition to the EJ25 single scroll turbocharged engine for the overseas markets and EJ20 single scroll turbocharged engine for the domestic market.
This kit is the best for those who have the strengthened engine, desire to reach 400ps or more, and look for relaxing high speed cruising with a large turbocharger.



  • Factory replacement type Sports Turbine Kit for Subaru EJ2# single scroll turbine.
  • For the EJ25 engine in the overseas markets, the target of this kit is the higher engine output. For the EJ20 engine in the domestic market, it is targeted toward the vehicles increase the engine output to 2.2L using this kit with Capacity Upgraded Kit.




【Kit Parts】
  • GTII 8262 Turbine
  • Upgraded Actuator
  • Oil Piping・Water Piping
  • Gaskets / Short Parts
  • Since the turbine scroll is bigger, it may come in contact with the transmission case. Therefore, shaving a part of transmission case is required.
  • Modification of factory heat insulator and bracket is required to install this kit.
  • This kit may be able to be installed on GC8, GDB Type A & B. However, we did not test this kit on these models.



Code No. Control
Model Compressor Wheel Turbine Wheel Ex HSG
Trim Inlet Dia.
Outlet Dial
Trim Inlet Dia.
Outlet Dial
EJ25 (Stock) Actuator     46.5 60 82 53 48  
11004-AF010 GT II7460 STK
49 52 74 81 60 54 0.85
11004-AF011 GT II7460 STK
49 52 74 81 60 54 0.67
11004-AF012 GT II8262 STK
47 56.2 82 84 62 56.8 0.85


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Turbine Size Boost Pressure Code No. Price Remarks
FORESTER SG9 EJ25(TURBO) 04/02-07/11 GT II SPORTS TURBINE KIT GTⅡ 8262 47T A/R0.85 78.5~98.1kpa (0.8~1.0kgf/cm2) 11004-AF012 * Discontinued.  ・For Single Scroll Turbine.