BOLT ON TURBO KIT SWIFT SPORT Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 11001-AS003




Although SWIFT SPORT has high performance normal aspirated engine, because of the stiff body and suspension structures, stock vehicle seems less horsepower.
With a turbocharger, horsepower and torque will be considerably increased and one or two higher gear can be selected for acceleration to climb slope or for overtaking.
Further STEP-UP menu is offered for over 200ps that enables unbelievable acceleration.



  • Bolt On Turbo Kit that can be easily installed to stock engine.
  • All required parts for installation are included in the kit. (*1)
  • Special ECU is included in the kit. (*2)
  • Proved T25 turbine was selected to be used with stock engine and injector as low boost pressure spec without turbo lug.
  • With the Bolt On Turbo Kit (Boost pressure : 30kPa), horsepower 176ps & torque 20.0kgm can be achieved.
  • The kit is designed for stock injectors. With Intercooler Kit, large capacity injectors and resetting, it enables more than 200PS.

(HKS Demo car was tested at boost pressure : 60kPa  208ps / 25.2kgm)

*1 : Spark spark plug is required separately. (M35i or M40i are recommended.)
*2 : Special ECU does not have data inside.  Data installation with PowerWriter is required.

- 11001-AS001 and 11001-KS001 don't include F-CON iS and related parts.



STEP Description Boost
STOCK Stock 140/7100 16.8/4900
STEP1 Stock replacement filter + LEGAMA X + Spark spark plug 141/7100
(1PS up)
(0.1kgm up)
STEP2 Racing Suction Reloaded + LEGAMA X + Spark spark plug 144/7000
(4PS up)
(0.4kgm up)
STEP3 STEP1 or STEP2 + Bolt On Turbo Kit 30 176/6800
(36PS up)
(3.2kgm up)
STEP4 STEP3 + Intercooler + Large Injector + Setting 60 208/6300
(68PS up)
(8.4kgm up)




* Horse power and torque are tested with HKS’ test car on chassis dynamometer.



  • Oil sump needs to make a hole for installation of oil return pipe.
  • 11001-AS001 and 11001-KS001 requires engine management system separately.
  • Harness of F-CON iS will be connected to vehicle harness directly with Universal Harness (2.5m).
  • Data of F-CON iS is for stock engine and ECU. (* Setting data needs to be installed with PowerWirter.)
  • High octane fuel is required.
  • Spark spark plug is required separately. (M35i or M40i).
  • Use engine oil for turbocharged vehicle. (HKS oil for turbo engine is recommended.)



Code No. 11001-AS001
Configuration BOT BOT+F-CON iS BOT+F-CON iS+
S-Type Intercooler
T25 Turbine
60T A/R0.63
Actuator assy
Adjustable : Boost 30kPa-40kPa
(*Adjustment is required as boost is increased with intecooler)
Exhaust manifold
Extension pipe
SPL Metal Catalyzer
Chamber pipe
Compressor - Throttle
(Polished aluminum)
Chamber pipe
Compressor - Intercooler - Throttle
(Polished aluminum)
× ×
Suction pipe
(Polished aluminum)
SPF Reloaded
(Wet 2 layer)
Other parts
F-CON iS ×
F-CON Harness
(Universal 2.5m)
F-CON Communication cable
Intercooler Kit
(S-Type AL)
× ×


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Turbine Size Boost Pressure Code No. Price Remarks
SWIFT SPORT ZC31S M16A 05/09-11/11 T25 60T A/R0.63 29.4~39.2kPa (0.3~0.4kgf/cm2) 11001-AS003 * Discontinued. F-Con + harness + I/C set.