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Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Series Style Material Tip O.D. Pipe Size Consist of Close Sound Level Stock Close Sound Level HKS Idling Sound Level Stock Idling Sound Level HKS Code No. Manual Detail Remarks
RX-8 LA-, ABA- SE3P 13B-MSP 03/04-08/02 LEGAMAX E-1 S3 100 L&R 65 2 84 L92 R93 L59 R58 L63 R63 32018-AZ002 Detail Not fit to 08/3-.
TRITON L200 4N15 15/01- LEGAMAX Ti-1 S3 110 60 2 86 93 31021-ZM004 Detail The blue gradation dual titanium exhaust tips placed both side make the rear view more impressive and sporty than the factory hidden tip. Sporty and fine-tuned exhaust sound without unwanted exhaust resonance in a vehicle interior provides pleasant driving. For only Thailand vehicles.
COPEN LA-, ABA- L880K JB-DET 02/06-12/08 LEGAMAX RS S3 102 L&R 50 3 81 85 60 66 31021-AD002 Detail Fits to stock rear under spoiler. Fits to stock accesory heat guard.