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Product Code No. Price Availability Production Date Detail Remarks
Upper Sheet Set 1799-SA011   φ65 Spring rubber sheet. Insert between a pillowball upper mount or retainer spring set and a spring.
Inverted Rubber Upper/Bearing Set 82004-AK024   Inverted rubber upper mount, bearing, and Φ65 spring retainer.
Damper Wrench Set 1799-SA009  
Hipermax Universal Bracket 1799-SA010   To secure a brake hose/ABS sensor, etc.
DAMPER ADJUSTING CABLE SET L=131 1799-SA020   Outer case length: 131mm.
DAMPER ADJUSTING CABLE SET L=70 1799-SA021   Outer case length: 70mm.
DAMPER ADJUSTING CABLE SET L=148 1799-SA022   Outer case length: 148mm.
DAMPER ADJUSTING CABLE SET L=247 1799-SA023   Outer case length: 247mm.
DAMPER ADJUSTING CABLE SET L=298 82004-AK031   Outer case length: 298mm.
DAMPING FORCE ADJUSTMENT DIAL 82004-AK023   Screw & Hex wrench included.
HELPER SPRING 1799-SA027   Φ65 sheet spring included. Spring rate 4.7N/mm(0.5kgf/mm) Free length L=70mm
HELPER SPRING SET 82004-AK002   Φ65 sheet spring included. Spring rate 19.8N/mm(2.0kgf/mm) Free length L=70mm
INSTALLATION SPACER(NISSAN) 1799-SA028   22.2mm x 27mm x 7mm
INSTALLATION SPACER(MAZDA) 1799-SA029   22.2mm x 27mm x 9mm
INVERTED TYPE DIAL SET(GOLD) 1799-SA035   Screw & Hex wrench included.
DUST BOOTS SET 1799-SA030   For Standard. Black 135mm Hole Dia.φ18 - ①
DUST BOOTS SET 1799-SA031   For Standard. Black 165mm Hole Dia.φ18 - ①
DUST BOOTS SET 82004-AK020   For Standard. Black 97mm Hole Dia.φ42
DUST BOOTS SET 82004-AK021   For Standard. Black 135mm Hole Dia.φ42 - ②
DUST BOOTS SET 82004-AK022   For Standard. Black 165mm Hole Dia.φ42 - ②
DUST BOOTS SET 82004-AK013   For Inverted type. Black 120mm Hole Dia.φ29 - ③
DUST BOOTS SET 82004-AK012   For Inverted type. Black 105mm Hole Dia.φ29 - ④
DUST BOOTS SET 82004-AK014   For Inverted type. Black 95mm Hole Dia.φ45 - ⑤
THRUST WASHER 82004-AK016   Φ65
BUMP RUBBER (L=30) 82004-AK030   H:30mm Max O.D.: 37mm I.D.:12mm
BUMP RUBBER(L=5) 1799-SA045   H:5mm Max O.D.: 37mm I.D.:12mm
SILENT TUBE 82004-AK001   Φ88
DAMPER HOOK WRENCH 82004-AK003   For Shock-body length adjustable inverted type.