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Type Code No. Price Availability Production Date Detail Remarks
φ4 x φ4 x φ4 18006-AK001   2pcs 1set
φ6 x φ4 x φ6 18006-AK002   2pcs 1set
φ6 x φ6 x φ6 18006-AK003   2pcs 1set
φ4 x φ6 x φ4 18006-AK004   2pcs 1set
φ8 x φ8 x φ8 18006-AK008   2pcs 1set
φ10 x φ4 x φ10 1806-SA007  
φ19 x φ22 x φ19 1806-SA018   * To be discontinued.
φ6 - φ10 - φ6 1806-SA029   * To be discontinued.