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Product Type Code No. Price Detail Remarks
Joint Hose φ80-φ54 60° 1804-SA001   * Discontinued. F-1
Joint Hose φ80-φ70 90° 1804-SA003   * Discontinued. F-2
Joint Hose φ70-φ60 60° 1804-SA006   * Discontinued. F-4
Joint Hose φ60-φ60 60° 1804-SA008   * Discontinued. F-6
Joint Hose φ45-φ45 90° 1804-SA009   * Discontinued. F-7
Joint Hose φ60-φ80 30° 1804-SA017   * Discontinued. F-9
Joint Hose φ80-φ70 1804-SA002   * Discontinued. F-10
Joint Hose φ70-φ60 1804-SA005   * Discontinued. F-11
Joint Hose φ100-φ80 1804-SA020   * Discontinued.
Joint Hose Straight φ100X50mm 1804-SA019   * Discontinued. F-12
Joint Hose With Bellows φ70-φ70 1804-SA012   * Discontinued. H-3
Joint Hose With Bellows φ70-φ60 1804-SA014   * Discontinued. H-5