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●AIR FLOW LESS ADAPTER (Stock Airflow Meter Shape)

Product Model Engine Code No. Availability Production Date Manual Detail Remarks
AIRFLOW LESS ADAPTER BNR34, BCNR33, BNR32 RB26DETT 1599-SN003 × 2024-09-03
RB AIRFLOW LESS ADAPTER Z32, ER34, ECR33, HCR32, GC8, GF8, BG5, BD5 VG30DETT, RB25DET, RB20DET, EJ20(G,H) 1599-SN001 Make to order item
SR AIRFLOW LESS ADAPTER S15, S14, (R)PS13 SR20DE(T) 1599-SN002 × Make to order item