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Product Code No. Availability Production Date Manual Detail Remarks
VAC T-604 45002-AT004 Detail For CROWN ATHLETE(3.0L)
VAC T-607 45002-AT007 Detail For IS250
VAC T-608 45002-AT008 For MARK X(2.5L).
VAC Type GT-R 45002-AN008 Detail * To be discontinued. Available through authorized dealer.
VAC Type CZ BK3P 45002-AZ005 × Detail For AXELA Sport(DSC Not instlled), MAZDA SPEED AXELA.
VAC Type CZ BL3FW 45002-AZ008 Detail * To be discontinued. For MAZDA SPEED AXELA. AFS/Rear vehicle monitoring system not installed
VAC Type CS ZC33S 45002-AS002 Detail Only for SWIFT SPORT(6MT)
VAC Type BMW 45002-LB001 * To be discontinued.