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●Option Parts for F-CON V Pro+PowerWriter Set

Product Code No. Availability Production Date Manual Detail Remarks
Option Press.Sensor Super Wide Range 4299-RA008 F-CON V Pro. Press.range 13.3kPa-400kPa(-600mmHg*3.0kgf/cm2) ※Required to use F-CON V Pro to control D-jetro. ※Negative press range is based on 760mmHg atmospheric press.
Intake Air Temperature Sensor 4603-RA001 Required to use F-CON V Pro to control D-jetro.
Press.Sensor+Intake Air Temp.Sensor Harness 4299-RA016 Required to use F-CON V Pro to control D-jetro. Pressure sensor is 4299-RA008.
V Pro Ver.3.4 Harness/Terminal Set 4299-RA009 Terminal L x6, Terminal S x6, 1.0kΩ X2、(1.2kΩ・2.0kΩ・2.4kΩ・2.7kΩ・6.2kΩ)
F-CON S・F-CON V Pro Mixture Controller 4299-RA003 × 2024-08-19 Make to order item
Harness length 1.5m
F-CON INJ Adapter 42999-AK004 For F-CON SZ・iS・F-CON V Pro. For Mitsubishi and new Subaru.
F-CON IGN Adapter 2 42999-AK008 For F-CON SZ, iS, V-Pro
F-CON V Pro Ver.4.0 Terminal Set 42999-AK016 Gold plated terminal with harness x6, tin plated terminals with harness x6, 2x1.0kΩ resistors, 1.2kΩ・2.0kΩ・2.4kΩ・2.7kΩ・6.2kΩ resistor x1 each
F-CON V Pro CF adapter 42999-AN001 Detail * To be discontinued. For F-CON V Pro, Only for GT-R(R35)