Is this kit compatible with an automatic transmission model?

No, this kit is not compatible with an automatic transmission model due to insufficient transmission durability.
Compared with 205N・m stock torque, the torque increases to approximately 400N・m, which is twice of the stock torque, even at low boost pressure.
The maximum torque is achieved around 4,000rpm; therefore, it is assumed that the automatic transmission may not be durable enough to withstand this torque range.

What is the time required for installation?

Without ECU setting, it may take about 2 days if you install this kit for the first time.
Accumulated time of installation work may be 12 hours including the factory parts modification.

※In order to install this kit, the following modifications are required:

  • Reinforcement cut-off →2H
  • Radiator support cut-off →1H
  • Hole drilling into the front bumper bracket →0.5H
  • Modification of fan shroud →1H
  • Installation of the oil return pipe to the oil pan (Hole-drilling, Welding) →3H
Which type of pressure sensor is required to use with this kit?
Is it necessary to replace the airflow sensor? If so, what is the part number?

The airflow value may exceed the upper limit of the stock airflow sensor after this kit is installed.
Therefore, replacing the stock sensor with the one capable of measuring wider range is required.
When we tested this kit, we used FLASH EDITOR and the following parts:

  • Airflow Sensor: SUBARU 22680AA380 Airflow Meter Assembly Subaru (Stock sensor for GRB)
  • Pressure Sensor: 3BAR Pressure Sensor
Any exhaust parts that are recommended to upgrade when installing this kit?

When we tested this kit, we used FLASH EDITOR and the following exhaust parts:

  Stock Engine Spec. Reinforced Engine Spec.
Exhaust Manifold Exhaust manifold included in BOT kit. CAT is not installed. Exhaust manifold included in BOT kit. CAT is not installed.
1st CAT (Extension) Extension without CAT (included in BOT kit) Extension without CAT (included in BOT kit)
Front Pipe Stock Front Pipe (Prototype)
2nd CAT HKS CATALYZER R-SPEC 2nd CAT Center Pipe without CAT (Prototype)
Exhaust System LEGAMAX SPORTS Hi-Power Muffler Racing φ75
Is a oil pan to be developed so modification can be avoided?

We are planning to make a oil pan to be used with this kit.

What is the target boost pressure with the stock engine spec?

Maximum target boost pressure is approximately 85kpa.
The boost pressure becomes approximately 80kpa after this kit is installed, 85kpa when controlled by EVC.
Make sure to set up the boost pressure not to exceed output torque over 400N・m (transmission's upper limit).

Was Piston Full Kit 2.1L LOW COMP used for testing this kit with the reinforced engine? What is the thickness of the gasket when testing this kit?

The following products were installed to reinforce the engine:

  • 21004-AT003 : PISTON FULL KIT FA20 2.1L (LO COMP)
  • 23002-AT001 : FA20 GROMMET TYPE HEAD GASKET T=0.8mm
Is a factory clutch capable of being used with this kit?

It is strongly recommended to replace a factory clutch with a reinforced type clutch.