DDR (for Gasoline)

Is DDR available for a diesel engine?

There are 2 types of DDR; one for a gasoline engine and another for a diesel engine.

Is it OK to add when only a little amount of fuel is remained in the tank?

For sufficient cleaning effects, add DDR when the fuel tank is full.

Is DDR available for a carburetor engine or direct injection engine?

Yes. DDR improves the performance for all types of gasoline engines.

How often DDR should be added?

The recommended usage frequency is 5,000 km or every 6 months.

How much does the fuel efficiency improve?

The in-house test shows approximately 10% improvement; however, the actual result may vary depending on the driving conditions and/or vehicle models.

Is DDR effective for the exhaust gas cleaning?

Removing the deposit improves the combustion condition; however, exhaust gas condition may remain the same as a brand new condition.

Is any automobile manufacturer offering a similar product?

Major automobile manufacturers already offer the similar products.

How long does DDR remain effective?

It is effective while DDR is mixed with gasoline. Also, while DDR ingredients is absorbed to the metal surface, it prevents the deposit from building up. However, the engine dirt is built up eventually; it is recommend to use DDR regularly.

How effective if DDR is used for a new vehicle?

Since a new engine is clean, it may not show noticeable cleaning effects. However, periodical use of DDR can prevent the deposit from building up to maintain the engine performance.

How effective if DDR is used for an old vehicle?

It is very effective, but if a considerable amount of deposit has already been built up, adding one bottle of DDR may not remove all deposit. Also, excessive amount of the deposit melted by DDR may be supplied to the combustion chamber that may worsen the engine performance; however, continuous use of DDR remove the deposit and improve the engine performance.

Is it OK to mix with other brands' gasoline additives?

No. Do not mix DDR with other gasoline additives. It won't create a multiple effect at all, and in the worst case, the chemical reaction may be generated resulting in engine internals damage.