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DMR-200DDirect Multi Recorder 200D

About Installation / Use

TV signal disturbance usually occurs when a unit is installed close to a TV antenna. What about DMR?

Digital terrestrial broadcasting on TV and 1-Seg digital TV can be watched even the DMR unit is installed 10cm from the TV antenna.

Is installing the unit on the windshield not violating the road traffic law of Japan?

No, it is not violating the law of Japan. Under the road traffic law of Japan, the unit can be installed in the area 20% from the upper side of windshield.

Doesn't using a continuous power cause a dead battery? What is the function of the continuous power connection unit?

Variable cutoff feature allows continuous operation of the unit while the car is not running but switch off the unit when the voltage falls below the set voltage for 10 seconds to protect the battery.

Is it OK to use "microSD card" available on the market?

The SD memory card included in the product must be used.
A microSD card available on the market may work, but the product performance cannot be guaranteed.
(It is recommended to use SanDisk microSDHC card or micro SDXC card (4GB-64GB).)

Is maintenance of a microSD card required?

Yes. A long-term use of a microSD card may cause disability of information writing. To avoid this, check the data in the card regularly and format the card at least once a month.

Can data from the unit be displayed on a monitor for a navigation system or similar device?

Yes, if the provided external output AV cable is used.

Is there any way to check a photographing state and appearance after installing the main unit and second camera?

Basically, the recorded image is supposed to be checked on a PC. But, the real-time image can be seen on a monitor in a vehicle by connecting the unit using the provided cable to output data.

About Second Camera

Is it OK to install more than one second camera?

No, only one second camera can be installed to one main unit.

Is it OK to install the second camera in a vehicle's exterior?

No, the second camera was designed for indoor use. The camera is not waterproof and dustproof.

When outputting data to a monitor, is the images from the main camera only able to watch?

Images from the second camera can be output as well. Images to watch can be selected by switching a main unit switch.

Are the main camera and second camera working on the same time base?
Is shooting "CAC" by the second camera for measuring a lap time possible?

Yes, both cameras synchronously work on the same time base.

About Viewer Software

How should the G-sensor be viewed? What is XYZ?

XYZ shows the numerical value of G. X shows G in front and back (+: acceleration / –: deceleration). Y shows G in right and left (+: right / –: left). Z shows G in up and down (+: up / –: down).

Is this viewer software available for Mac?

No, it is currently not available for Mac.

Is it possible to see the moving image in reproduction by the viewer software in a full screen display on a PC?

No, it is not possible.

Is reproduction of the moving image saved in a microSD card possible when the unit is connected to a monitor for a navigation system or similar system?

No, it is not possible.

About GPS

When a GPS signal cannot be received during use, how is "Google Map" displayed?

"Google Map" displays from the point a GPS signal is received again.

Is the past driving line able to be compared with the current one on "Google Map"?

No. Comparing the past driving lines with the current one is not available.

If the main camera is installed improperly, is the unit still able to receive a GPS signal?

The unit may not be able to receive a GPS signal properly since it is designed to install on a windshield in correct orientation.

About microSD card

How should a microSD be formatted to use with DMR?

Insert a formatted microSD card to the main unit of DMR. Once the power is on, DMR start re-formatting the card automatically.

Formatting Procedure
Make copies of necessary files to a hard disk on a PC or another storage before formatting a SD memory card.
Format a SD memory card.
When formatting a SD memory card, do not use quick format. When using an OS standard format tool, uncheck the check of "Quick Format." (The window shown on the right appears when selecting "Format" in a menu displayed after clicking the right mouse button on microSD card drive of "My Computer."

* When formatting a SD memory card, format the file system with FAT or FAT32. If not, a SD memory card cannot be recognized by DMR.

If a SD memory card does not work properly due to degradation, replace it with a new card recommended. An estimated timing for replacing a SD memory card is approximately after use for one year.

A microSD card error is seen.

Periodical maintenance of a microSD card is necessary.
If the error is seen, try re-formatting the microSD card.
If no improvement is seen after re-formatting, the microSD card may be damaged or worn out (number of writing times reached to the limit).

●Procedure to eject a microSD card when the constant power supply is connected

1. Turn off the power of the main unit of DMR.

2. Unplug the power supply of the main unit.

Before ejecting the microSD card, make sure that the LED on the main unit completely goes out after powering off. Failure to do so may cause an error in saving the recorded images.


Is DMR-200D able to connect to "CAMP2" or "Circuit Attack Counter"?

At the present moment, DMR-200D cannot be connected with other products.

AWhen are the data in "Always List" and "Event List" overwritten?

When "Always List" is overwritten depends on the capacity of a memory card. When the capacity is full, the data are overwritten in chronological order.
"Event List" is overwritten in chronological order when the data exceed 400MB.