What is the role of Cabin filter?

Cabin filter prevents pollen, dust, and uncomfortable odors to maintaining a comfortable car interior.

Which vehicle are applicable?

Please refer to the application chart on the HKS official website.
It may not fit depending on the model of the vehicle and stock parts may be required in some cases.

Where is Cabin filter located? How can I replace the filter?

It depends on the vehicle. Please refer to the instruction manual of your vehicle.

How often should I replace the filter?

Recommended replacement interval is 1 year or 10,000 km.
HKS recommends more frequent replacement in areas with high traffic and air pollution.
This product cannot be cleaned or washed and reused.

What is Nanofiber?

Nanofiber material is a substance that has a diameter of 1nm to 100nm and a length of 100 times the diameter. Nanofiber filters out most of fine particles and microbes due to very small space between individual fibers. A large surface area provides improved absorption. A very small diameter of individual fibers significantly improved airflow by eliminating the vortex generated from fibers in the back.

Does it filter out pollen and PM2.5?

Yes, fine fibers of nanofiber filter catch dust and pollen in the air.
Collects more than 90% of 25μm particles. (Measured at atmospheric suspended dust)

What are small black grains in the plastic bag?

Using activated charcoal to deodorize. Structurally some charcoal particles may spill but it does not affect the product function.
If you are worried about it please brush off charcoal particles before use.

I still feel odor of the outside air.

A filter may be unable to reduce odors depending on the sources of odor even though it is using activated charcoal.

Does the filter remove viruses?

It is difficult to catch viruses because the size of the virus is less than 0.1μm.
Aerosol carrying virus from cough and sneeze floating as airborne droplets are less than 5μm when dried.
In this state, it is expected to collect by the filter.
(5μm particles were filtered during the tests. Virus filtration was not confirmed.)
Filter does not have antibacterial features and inhibition of viruses in an aerosol.
A virus may be holding the filter in its dried form, but not eliminated and may occasionally return into the interior of the vehicle.

To prevent the infection, avoid conversations with close contact, wash your hands often, cover your mouth and nose when you cough, prevent dryness inside the car, open a window to vent.