Is there any adverse effect by installing SLD such as fuel efficiency?

It depends on stock ECU program condition, but basically there is no influence. There was no case of engine failure because of the SLD usage.

What is the SW setting in the manual? What do I have to do?

It’s about switch in the SLD. SLD has to set the right switch for the your automobiles.

I did all the SLD installation, wirings, switch setting and still can't disable limiter.

If you set the switch after IG-ON, the setting might not be executed. Please make it IG-OFF and try again.

I have bought and installed the SLD TYPE II and my AT car seems to have some problem.

Please check the wire settings of solenoid A and solenoid B, if it's ok, it might be the swtich's setting. Please check for these settings again.

There is no wires in the place where the manual indicates!

For some cars, ECU is in the engine compartment. Please check the manual and do the wiring to the ECU.

Where should I position the device? Is the device ok with high temperature? (For some cars)

Please set in the ECU box with the double sided tape. If you put the device inside the ECU box, the high temperature will not be any problem.

Can SLD pass the Automobile inspection (Japanese)?

Yes you can. Please follow the traffic rule and drive safely on the road.

What happens to the stock meter or a retrofit meter, how will it display if I install the SLD? Can it show 180 km/h over?

1. For SLD type I/II
The stock meter will display as much as it can. For installing a retrofit, please wire with sky blue color wire if there is one, and if not please wire to the white color line.

2. For SLD type III
It will only display from about 170 to 175km/h for SUBARU cars and the retrofit meter type which uses CAN communication signal such as OBD II for vehicle speed display. Also, if you connect the CAC or turbo timer to the speed signal wire of the option coupler or navigation, it will display 180 km/h over (including SUBARU).

The speed wire is connected to the navigation, what can I do?

Please connect SLD between the posiotion where the navigation is wired and ECU.

(For some Honda automobiles) I have installed SLD but meter doesn't work. Also my car doesn't go faster than 165 km/h.

1. If the meter is not working;
Probably the vehicle speed signal wires of input/output (white/yellow) are set wrong, or power supply or ground wire connection might be the cause of the problem.

2. If the meter stops at 170 to 180 km/h;
Please check the a wiring diagram for HONDA and setup the SLD sky blue wire. (Check the table below)
* Please contact the shop where you purchased product or HKS dealers for more specific information.

(Refer to wiring diagram for these HONDA automobiles.)

Vehicle Type Engine Year
Accord Wagon CL9 K24A 02/10~
Accord Wagon CH9 H23A 99/1~02/9
Accord Euro R CL7 K20A 02/10~
Accord CF4・CF5 (4AT) F20B 97/9~02/10
StepWagon RF3 K20A 01/4~
StepWagon RF5・RF6 K20A 03/6~
StepWagon RF7・RF8 K24A 03/6~
Odyssey RB1 K24A 03/10~
Odyssey RB1・BR2 (5AT) K24A 03/10~
Odyssey RA8・RA9 (CVT) J30A 00/1~03/9
Elysion RR1 K24A 04/5~
Avancier TA3 J30A 99/9~