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Is it applicable for the vehicle with DPF?

It has passed JASO DL-1 standard in HKS in-house test, but we never did the test of foreign diesel standard. Therefore, it is not applicable for the vehicle which is adopting the latest emission standards such as EURO6 or others.

What is DPF(Diesel particulate filter)?

DPF capture and remove the PM (Particulate Matter) produced by diesel engine.

What is the deterioration of DPF?

PM (Particulate Matter) will be produced as the byproduct of oil and fuel consumption and remain in the DPF. Therefore, filters require regeneration as a regular maintenance to remove soot. Normally, regeneration process is automatically happened while driving, but soot will increase faster and lead to an early deterioration of DPF in the following driving situations.

・Low speed continuous driving
・Short time driving before the engine warm-up
・Long time idling of engine

Moreover, deterioration will happen by the bad fuel quality, engine condition and maintenance condition. Please follow the vehicle instruction manual for maintenance.