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Warranty for Exhaust System
Warranty for Electronic Products

Warranty for Electronic Products

HKS Co., Ltd. warrants to the original retail purchaser that the HKS Electronic Products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of original purchase.

Products Covered by Warranty for Overseas Markets

* Connecting harnesses, adaptors, and similar accessories are not covered.

  • Products
    HKS Electronic Products
    * Connecting harness, adaptors, and similar accessories are not covered.
  • Warranty Period
    One year after purchase

Warranty Conditions

  • When the product(s) is installed and used properly as instructed in the manual within the warranty period, and any defects in manufacturing are identified, HKS will repair or replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts without charge.
  • The following cases are exceptions (Disclaimers)
    • Improper installation and/or misuse.
    • Mishandling during shipping, installation, and transfer.
    • Service, alteration, modification, and/or repair by anyone other than HKS' authorized dealers
    • Installing the products to inapplicable vehicles.
    • The aging of the material and/or parts such as dirt, scratch, rust, peeling of plating and/or painting, etc. Rust formed by sea water, snow melting agent, and/or a similar solvent.
    • Use with non-HKS products.
    • The natural disaster, such as a fire, earthquake, flood, lightening, and/or accident.
  • In these cases, even the defect is found within a warranty period, HKS shall not be liable under this warranty. Repairing of the defective parts may be available for a fee.


  • When any defect is found within the warranty period under proper use, contact a distributor or dealer of HKS Co., Ltd. for inspection or repair.
  • When making a request for inspection, please describe the defect as fully as possible for the purpose of enabling the cause of defect to be found easily.
    (Warranty request form will be prepared. Fill in all required items in the form. Attach pictures of the defective parts if possible.)
  • If descriptions of the defect are insufficient, an appropriate inspection result may not be achieved; giving specific descriptions enables us to determine the cause and conduct an accurate inspection.


  • When the cause of defect cannot be determined by the warranty request form and pictures, the defective parts are needed to be returned to HKS Co., Ltd. (The delivery expense to Japan must be paid by the customer)
  • The bill of sale or other proof of purchase must be retained to receive warranty service.
  • When the defect is caused by the manufacturing process, HKS will repair or replace the product or refund the original purchase cost. (HKS will pay for the cost of repair / shipping to send a replacement.)
  • When the cause of defect is not caused by the manufacturing process, the inspection fees and shipping fee to return the inspected product may be charged. The list of inspection fee is provided separately.
  • Inspection may take some time before the result is determined.

If any malfunction is concerned:

Please contact a HKS Dealer or Distributor.
HKS Co., Ltd. in Japan does not directly deal with claims and warranties.