What is an intake system?

In the combustion process of an engine, it's necessary to take in not only fuel but also air. If we were to simply suck in air as it is, it would bring in foreign particles and debris from the atmosphere, potentially causing damage to the engine internals. To prevent this, there is a component called an "air cleaner" that removes contaminants before they enter the engine. This is where intake tuning plays a significant role!

What are the features of a 'stock replacement type' air filter? (Super Air Filter)

In many vehicles, the stock air filter is housed within the air cleaner case. The Super Air Filter is a product designed to replace this factory filter with ease.

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The filter material is crafted from a substance that offers less resistance compared to the standard air filter. This results in a notable enhancement in air intake efficiency. The filter material features a structure with an initial coarse layer that gradually transitions into a finer one. This design enables it to first capture larger debris, progressively trapping smaller particles, ultimately facilitating improved air passage and prolonged performance. Furthermore, for maintenance purposes, you can replace just the filter element instead of the entire casing. This not only simplifies upkeep but also contributes to waste reduction!

What are the features of 'Short ram' air intake? (Super Power Flow)

Replacing the 'stock replacement type' air filter is easy, but as the air cleaner case is not modified, there is a limit to the amount of air that can be gained in.

A short ram intake has been one of the most popular modifications for any vehicle for a long time. This form of intake is a simple design and usually consists of replacing your factory intake piping with that of a smooth pipe and topping it off with an open-air filter. The "Short ram" intake has the case removed and the "Super Power Flow" fitted instead. The opening area is significantly larger than the stock case, so of course the amount of air that can be gained in is also increased.

The mushroom intake, which is also the identity of the HKS intake has more affordable and easier to install and more for looks with louder sounds.

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“Short ram” intake transition

HKS offers a diverse range of intake options to cater to various requirements and performance goals. Apart from the previously mentioned types, they also offer the "Racing Suction" and "Cold Air Intake," each with its own focus and advantages:

Racing Suction:
The "Racing Suction" intake system concentrates on optimizing the downstream "suction pipe" following the air cleaner. In many stock setups, this suction pipe often has a bellows shape, causing air to swirl and create resistance. HKS engineers have designed the "Racing Suction" specifically for each car model, customizing the bend and length of the suction pipe while eliminating bellows and obstructions. This design refinement aims to maximize airflow efficiency, reducing resistance and potentially enhancing engine performance.

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Cold Air Intake:
The "Cold Air Intake" places a primary focus on the temperature of the incoming air. While an open-air filter allows for a significant amount of air intake, some vehicles may draw in hot air from the engine compartment, especially during slow-moving traffic or city driving. It's important to note that as air temperature rises, its volume increases, but the amount of oxygen it contains remains constant. Since engine combustion is more efficient with higher oxygen levels, lowering the air temperature offers an advantage.

To address this, the "Cold Air Intake" system encloses the "Super Power Flow" filter with a specially designed intake box. This box serves to isolate the intake from the hot engine bay air, ensuring a cooler and denser air supply. This approach combines the benefits of both stock and open-air intakes, making it an attractive choice for enthusiasts seeking high performance in various driving conditions.

The choice between these intake options depends on your specific driving needs and priorities, whether it's maximizing airflow efficiency, optimizing air temperature, or achieving a balance between the two for all-around performance. HKS provides a range of solutions to meet different requirements and preferences.

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The "key points" of HKS intake items

Balancing Intake Resistance and Efficiency:
While reducing intake resistance is important for improving engine performance, it's equally crucial to strike a balance. Modern cars have complex engine control systems driven by advanced computer technology and environmental regulations. Blindly pursuing efficiency gains can disrupt the stock control system, leading to issues with the engine control computer and sensors. In extreme cases, it may even result in engine damage. HKS recognizes the importance of this balance and designs intake systems that maximize efficiency without interfering with the stock control system.

Thorough Vehicle-Specific Analysis:
HKS conducts a thorough analysis of each vehicle's control system. This analysis takes into account the unique characteristics and requirements of each car model. By understanding how the stock control system operates, HKS engineers can design intake systems that work in harmony with the vehicle's existing components and control algorithms.

Non-Intrusive Design:
HKS intake systems are designed not to disrupt or harm the stock control system. They are engineered to integrate seamlessly with the vehicle's existing components, ensuring that no adverse effects occur.

Peace of Mind Performance: HKS offers a range of intake items that allow enthusiasts to enjoy high performance with confidence. These intake systems are designed to deliver improved performance without compromising the reliability and safety of the vehicle.

In summary, HKS intake items are developed with a deep understanding of both intake dynamics and modern vehicle control systems. They aim to provide enthusiasts with the means to enhance their vehicle's performance while maintaining the integrity of the stock control system, ensuring a safe and enjoyable driving experience.