This is the application list for HKS OB-LINK.
Before installation, please check the vehicle type, year, model, engine, and communication type are applicable.

 ⇒ Connector Position


●The items below may not be indicated due to different vehicle year, model, etc.

* The steering angle and brake (◎:Tread) are indicatable only by OB-LINK TYPE-001.


NOTE: For vehicles not listed above, depending the year of a vehicle, it may be applicable if the following setting is done.

Maker 販売開始年数 Remarks
TOYOTA After 2007: TOYOTA2   Before 2007: TOYOTA1  
NISSAN After 2006: NISSAN3   Before 2006: NISSAN2 For R35 GT-R, alwas select "GT-R".
HONDA After 2005: HONDA2 or ISOCAN   Before 2005: HONDA1 or BMW1 If the communication type "HONDA1" does not work, please try "BMW1".
MITSUBISHI After 2006: MITSUBISHI3 2002-2006: MITSUBISHI2 Before 2002: MITSUBISHI1  
SUZUKI After 2008: SUZUKI2   Before 2008: SUZUKI1  
DAIHATSU After 2006: DAIHATSU2   Before 2006: DAIHATSU1  


※1 It is indicatable if OB-LINK unit is upgrade (2013/11-).

※2 Specification change for R35 is required. For more details, contact the dealer.

※3 D range only

※4 Use OB-LINK TYPE-001 with the serial No. 11501 or later.

※5 OB-LINK Serial No. BL-01551 or later (The serial number is shown below the barcode on the package and on the back of the unit.)

※6 Use OB-LINK TYPE-001 with the serial No. 01501 or later.

※7 Modification of OB-LINK coupler may be required.

※8 Use OB LINK TYPE-001 with the serial number 10801 or later and a sticker besides the serial number on the package.


For 86 and BRZ, using OB-LINK TYPE-FA20 enables users to see the following FA20 engine data in addition to the data obtained by OB-LINK TYPE-001.
・E/G load ・Battery Voltage ・Fuel Press ・CAT Temp ・EGT sencor ・Outside air temp ・Left/Right G ・Front/Rear G ・Yaw rate ・Target air/fuel raito
・Actual air/fuel ratio ・Knocking correction learming value ・Knocking control value

★2  It is required to change the specifications of OB-LINK for NT32 X-Trail.
   Request the specification change at the time of purchase