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HKS USA MKV wide body GR SUPRA street concept

HKS unveils Toyota Supra Wide Body Vehicle at 2019 SEMA Show
-The First Public Exhibition of Wide Body Kit by HKS-

HKS (Headquarters: Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, President: Daisuke Mizuguchi) become one of the first companies to produce a racecar using the GR SUPRA platform and participated in the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2019.

HKS has used the experience gained through the GR SUPRA racecar project to develop a number of parts and will unveil the new “HKS USA MKV Wide Body GR SUPRA Street Concept” at the 2019 SEMA show, which will be held from 5-8 November in Lag Vegas, NV, USA.

“HKS USA MKV wide body GR SUPRA street concept”

In 1983, HKS used the predecessor to the SUPRA, the Celica XX to produce the “HKS M300” which was the first to achieve a top speed of over 300km/h in a Japanese car. Further in 1991, the “DRAG 70 SUPRA” based on the A70 generation of SUPRA achieved quarter mile times in the 7’s. From 1994 the A80 Supra based “HKS T-001” and then in 2001 the “DRAG 80 SUPRA” were used in a variety of fields from top speed, time attack, drag, etc. and the experience and gained through these activities combined with previous road and motorsport knowhow were reflected in the creation of products.

HKS has already supported several professional drift teams in Japan to produce competition cars based on the GR SUPRA. Also, in July 2019, in a project in partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation, “Toyota GR SUPRA Drift by HKS” participated at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019. As per previous generations, HKS will continue to inject the unique experience of competing in motorsport to develop the best possible products.

Event Information

“2019 SEMA Show”

Date : November 5 (Tue) – November 8 (Fri), 2019
Place : Las Vegas Convention Center, USA
Booth Area : HKS USA Booth - Booth #24880, Central Hall

Exhibit Vehicle

“HKS USA MKV wide body GR SUPRA street concept”

Vehicle Concept:
Using the feedback from the competition cars based on the GR SUPRA, combined with the experience gained through past HKS time attack machines, an original wide body kit was installed. Additionally, there is the “Dual Muffler” which utilizes the stock valve control system as well as the “HIPERMAX Touring” which is compatible with the stock suspension electronic control in keeping with the street use concept of this car. Around the engine, a prototype “Racing Suction” and downpipe, combined with “Power Editor” to increase boost pressure delivers over 400hp.

  • “Dual Muffler for GR SUPRA”

  • “HIPERMAX Touring for GR SUPRA”

HKS USA MKV Wide Body GR SUPRA Street Concept:

Body Kit HKS Premium Body Kit Exhaust HKS Dual Muffler
(Stock valve control compatible)
Down Pipe HKS Down Pipe (Prototype) Suspension HKS HIPERMAX Touring
(Compatible with stock adaptive dampers)
Intake HKS Racing Suction Kit (Prototype) Electronics HKS Power Editor (Prototype)
F: 275/35-19 / R: 275/35-19
F: 19X10.5+15 / R: 19X10.5+15

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