"Fun to Drive"

To accomplish the goal of what HKS' belief of "Fun to Drive" is that to accomplish the goals of "driving", "turning" and "stopping" parts blend in perfect harmony.
HKS have been challenging the "Driving" by cultivating engineering skills from many different fields and put them into the turbine kit or engine parts. These products have provided and pulled up the maximum speed and maximum acceleration speed in the after market. And HKS has improved the stability and controllability with the single cylinder type suspension development and production.
Finally "Stopping" is the last part to explore. We have pursuit not just brake system but also feel of the control. 
To take the high level of "driving" and "turning" of HKS' power, we have developed exquisite and highly functional original brake system.

  • We used wrought aluminum alloy to have the lightweight and high rigidity, at the same time it has durability and heat resistance.
  • We excavated HKS logo to the exquisite caliper exterior and also we have done the silver alumite treatment.
  • We have done the silver alumite treatment to the rotor bell.(only front. silver for rear)
  • Can choose from many options for many situations.
  • We have designed original bracket or brake hose for vehicles.