AT Fluid Cooler Kit

[AT Fluid Cooler Kit]

Proper Fluid Temperature Management to Enjoy Driving.

Rough driving of automatic cars raises the AT fluid temperature. Excessive AT fluid temperature decreases the fluid viscosity which may cause abrasion to the built-in disk and/or brake. HKS A/T Fluid Cooler can reduce the oil temperature while maintaining the automatic transmission performance of tuned vehicles.

Vehicle Specific AT Fluid Cooler Kit

  • The kit is installed inside the grill. This kit can be used with HKS Oil Cooler Kit.
  • AT fluid temperature can be maintained during circuit driving. In-house test result showed the temperature dropped by approximately 10℃ after installing this kit.
  • Water temperature won't be affected since the core is located inside the grill.
  • Black core is less noticeable, but it provides noticeable performance.
  • Installation does not require complicated procedures.
Kit Parts

Oil Cooler Core

Special Bracket x 3

φ10 Oil Resistance Hose

Short Parts

Note for Installation

Modification of the front grill is required in order to install this kit.