• Attachment (for S type)

  • Adapter bolt A / Adapter bolt B (for S type)

  • Attachment (for R type)

  • Adapter thermo (for R type)

  • Attachment bolt A / Attachment bolt B (for R type)

  • O ring:
    (1)φ56 t=3.5 (2)φ67 t=3.5 (3)φ26 t=3.5
    * 2 for each set

  • Oil Cooler Fitting
    (4)#10 straight (5)#10-45° (6)#10-90°


  • Oil Filter

Notes for general Oil Cooler Kit installation.

Be careful before you buy

  • Cannot be installed for some vehicles.
  • Please check below instructions before purchase.

(1) Size of the Oil Filter instllation area screw.

Installable for 3/4-16 UNF or M20×P=1.5

(2) Attachment installing part

Need a clearance for engine block attachment installing part as shown in the diagram on the right (unit:mm).

(3) Oil Filter

Be careful not to set the screw part stick out of the stock filter O ring.

Select Appropriate Core size for Vehicle's Specifications

The oil temperature must be strictly managed for a tuned engine. For proper oil temperature management and an oil cooler is a must item. Not only for a tuned engine but also for a stock engine, the engine performance stability and engine oil durability are greatly affected by oil temperature management. For proper management, HKS offers 17 different sizes of high performance oil cooler cores. Their cooling performance is highly reliable, and a countermeasure to the internal resistance is adequately taken. Select one to meet your needs and vehicle's specifications.

Oil Cooler's Core Size

The size of the oil cooler is the core itself, which does not include a bracket, etc. Actual outer size includes a bracket's length, hose's installation parts, etc. See the diagram 1 and 2 below.