Boost Controller


* EVC6-IR 2.4 is not required.


EasyWriter is the boost pressure setting tool which improves the operability of the EVC. New EVC6 is equipped with the TFT LCD; map setting can be easily done on the screen on the unit because of the high level of visibility. Using this EasyWriter enable the EVC to connect with the PC, and setting can be much easier.



Settings can be edited, checked, and confirmed on the PC monitor.

* Easy Writer is not required for EVC6-IR 2.4. Download the software from our website.

Editable Items by EasyWriter
  • Bar graph (Boost, Speed, PRM, or Throttle)
  • Bar graph peak function setting
  • Max Value of bar graph
  • Boost set valve
  • Map function setting
  • Map axis setting
  • Boost correction value
  • Offset value
  • Offset map setting value
  • After-image function setting
  • Backlight brightness
  • Sampling Time
  • Drop boost function setting

Correction Map (PRM+Throttle)

Log Link

* EVC start-up screen can be changed by using another software.

Save setting to the PC

Saving and resetting data to the original even after editing.

Monitor input signals using the PC

Monitoring the boost pressure, engine RPM (or speed), throttle angle, and correction values.

Log EVC data on the PC

Logging the boost pressure and/or correction conditions to check them on graphs.

[ Product Contents ]

●Communication Adapter    ●Communication Cable    ●Instruction Manual

■ EasyWriter Operating Condition
  • Pentium M 1GHz or faster
    (Multi core CPU recommende)
  • OS: Windows XP Servise Pack3 (SP3), Vista, Windows 7
  • .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
  • RAM: 256MB or more (512MB recommended)
  • Hard disk: 500MB or more
  • XGA(1,024×768) or higher screen size
    (WXGA (1,280x800) recommended)
  • Mouse or any pointing device
  • USB connector
  • Internet Connection