F-CON D, The fuel control device to extract diesel engine performance.

Following the progress of the diesel engine technology, "F-CON D" continues evolving as the product extracts the performance of the diesel engine.

Product Outline
  • This product is focusing on the engine output increase of the diesel engine, which has recently attracted a lot of attention, by fuel control.
  • The engine output increases up to approximately 21-40 ps. (depending on the vehicle model and/or year.)
  • The difference is noticeable right after installation. (Preset data is available.).
  • The switch to turn the function on or off is included. It is easy to go back to the stock control.
    The fuel control can be switched between F-CON and stock during driving.
    The engine performance difference is instantaneously sensed.
  • Not only the engine output, but also the torque can be improved. The time to reach the target speed can be shortened.
    The engine output improvement does not affect to the fuel consumption; therefore, it allows low running cost.