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RB26 FULL CONTROL SYSTEM (Only for Power Writer Shops)

Easy Installation

  • A vehicle specific harness is included; only minimum modification is required for installation.
  • Preprogrammed setting data shortens the preparation time before individual settings.
  • The provided bracket makes mounting F-CON V Pro main unit simple.

After removal of a stock ECU, install F-CON V Pro in a position where a stock ECU was located.

Stable Control

  • By L-jetro control with the latest airflow sensor, improvement of the response at the low to mid speed, which may be given up, is possible.
    *One airflow sensor withstands up to approximately 430ps.


  • The injector's opening valve rate on the multi function display may be incorrect. (BNR34)
  • Immobilizer does not work. (BNR34)
  • Stock boost solenoid cannot be controlled.
  • Feedback control by a stock O2 sensor cannot be performed.

Kit Parts

※Data made based on a vehicle with stock injectors and stock air cleaner box.
Setting by F-CON V Pro Power Writer shop is required.