F-CON V Pro + PowerWriter Set

[F-CON V Pro + PowerWriter Set]


To handle this product, the knowledge and skills of operating personal computers, automobiles, automobile engine, and engine management are required. Improper installation and/or settings may impair the intended engine performance and result in the engine damage.

This product is for high-level professional tuners. The specifications and settings are different depending on each vehicle, parts installed, and usage environment.

This product is available only for those vehicles which vehicle specific harnesses are available. No base setting is pre-programmed. As reference materials, vehicle specific start data will be available. Please read though the start data and software manual before use.

Each communication unit included in this product is compatible only with F-CON V Pro unit packaged with. It is not compatible with any other F-Con V Pro unit.

To use this product, a PC with the following specifications is required:
OS: Windows VISTA or newer.
Memory: 2GB or more.
Hard Disk: 1GB or more.
USB Communication Port (These specifications are subject to change.)

F-CON V Pro + PowerWriter Set INFORMATION


  • HKS' long-seller full engine management computer F-CON V Pro is now available as a set including Power Writer (PC software) and communication cables. (The main unit is Ver.3.4 or Ver. 4.0.)
    ※F-CON V Pro vehicle specific harness, sensor, etc. are available as F-CON V Pro option parts.
  • More detailed and wider variety of parameters can be managed.
    ※No base setting is pre-programmed. Settings according a vehicle are required.
    ※F-CON V Pro Vehicle Specific Harness must be purchased separately.
  • Fuel and ignition can be fully controlled.
  • Solenoid valves, relays and warning light can be controlled using option functions.
  • PowerWriter software enables output control and monitoring of engine parameters.
  • Mapping in real time (which is generally not possible using re-flash systems) allows for accurate and efficient mapping for all situations from simple "boost up" to full tuning applications. Data logging is also made possible for further feedback
  • Stock engine sensors can still be used.