Make the ignition system more powerful for souped-up car

HKS is announcing Twin Power, the super powerful ignition tuning part.
The highly powered up engine by the tuning it causes ingnition system failure. But the Twin Power can solve all these problems and maximize its potential engine power.

* Main unit is Discontinued.

  • A compounding ignition system of full transistor type + CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition) type which is an ideal performance in a wide range of engine speeds from low RPM to high RPM.This system will improve in starting, more torque at low and medium speed range, reliable ignition in high boost pressure, and better response.
  • This is a compact and lightweight, so it can be mounted anywhere. In addition, because of high efficiency power circuit, we were able to keep to a minimum level of impact on the alternator. And we offer a broad range of products for installation to your vehicle.
  • Because of the high power, engine tune-up can cause a trouble in ignition or starting failure. This system is ideal for those cases, and also best for those who have idling problem or people want the NA vehicle power-up.

* Full transistor type: It has long duration of discharge and could obtain stable combustion at a low RPM
* CDI System: It has fast initial rise of current discharge so it has strong ignition energy which is good for high RPM.

Twin Power is...

High power tuned engine will cause failure of ignition for it has greater fuel supply than normal system.
Futhermore, because of heat increase in high RPM and high-load, generally high heat range spark plug is replaced which will make it easier to fail in cold start up.
Twin Power can be a good solution in this kind of engine tuning problem of ignition. It is a compounding ignition system of full transistor type and C.D.I. type which will perform great from low to high RPM ignition.


Twin Power
  • Left: Normal condition ignition spark plug spark
  • Right: Twin Power ignition spark plug spark

You can see clearly the difference by these two photos.

Twin Power Effect

Right graph shows the power check data of BNR34 by the chassis dynamometer. We measured under control of boost at 0.89x100kPa (0.9kgf/cm2) by EVC. Each blue and deep blue lines indicate power and torque and red and brown indicate Twin Power TYPE-DLI II installed power and torque. Both power and torque with Twin Power TYPE-DLI II loaded showed more than 3250r/min engine rotation range which proves more boost than stock engine.

* HKS test data

The right table is maximum power and torque comparison.
As you can see on the right, Twin Power TYPE-DLI II loaded engine power goes up to maximum of 9.1kW(12.3ps) and torque of 13.5Nm (1.4kgm) which is more than stock engine.

  Max power Max torque
DLI II loaded
234.7kW (318.9ps) 369.6Nm (37.7kgm)
Normal 225.6kW (306.6ps) 356.1Nm (36.3kgm)

* HKS test data