A/F-Knock Amp.

【A/F Knock Amp.】

The 3rd generation of A/F Knock Amp, Air/fuel and knock monitoring functions in one package with an all new display style.

Product Outline
  • High precision measurement of air/fuel ratio is possible with Bosch A/F sensor included in this product.
  • Monitor knock through headphones to aid setup of fuelling/ignition with F-CON V Pro or a similar device.
  • Knock level threshold can be set and shown in the display by setting knocking conditions.
  • The air-fuel ratio and knock level can be output as voltage signals. Connecting the A/F Knock Amp to an F-CON unit allows controlling the air-fuel ratio feedback, knock retard, etc.
  • Two A/F sensors can be used together. (Bosch A/F sensor is included.) 1 main unit can measure 2 different A/F values of the V-bank engine or multi-cylinder engine using 2 sensors.
  • The product consists of 2 units, a color LCD display/controller and amplifier. The design style is consistent with other HKS electrical parts such as EVC, etc.

  • Digital filter is implemented for knocking sensor signal process. This filter seperates other noises such as engine vibration for improved knock detection.
Parts Diagram