"Circuit Attack Counter" can display necessary information in real time. It is equipped with functions necessary for circuit driving and displays necessary information on time.


■Automatic Lap Timing (Auto Mode)

Lap times measured by sensing the magnet built into the track.

Split lap time can be measured and displayed by plural magnet sensors on a track.

Lap time is shown by unit of 1/100 second.

■Manual Lap Timing (Manual Mode))

On a track without built-in magnet(s), lap time is measured manually by pressing "SET" button.

■Display Function

Real-time Lap time and car speed (real-time speed or top speed) and fastest lap time are displayed.

At tracks equipped with plural magnets, real-time lap time and speed (real-time speed or top speed) split lap time are displayed.

The display time of the previous lap time can be selected from 3, 5, 10, 15 seconds.

■Memory Function

Memory for total 99 laps of lap time and top speed.

Both split lap time and lap time can be memorized.

■Data Edit Function

Measured data can be sorted from fastest lap time.

Data can be deleted by individual data or all data. Only unnecessary data can be deleted.

■Speed limiter Cancellation Function (SLD Function)

Speed limiter cancellation function for manual transmission cars (2 or 4 pulses, Equivalent to SLD TYPE1).
Check the application with the link below.

Application List

■Stop Watch Function

Stop watch function up to 9 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds Driving range measurement up to 1,000km.
Speed Display.

■Wide Input Pulse Range (2 - 25 Pulse)

Input Pulse range is between 2 and 25 pulse; so it is compatible with a wider range of vehicles. (Serial No. 03500 or later.)

[Parts Included]

● Magnet Sensor (Waterproof)
●Display Unit

●Speed Single Connection Harness
●In-vehicle Power Prot Plug

* Power can be supplied from 12 Volt accessory socket or wiring of ECU.