Muffler Series

SPEC-L is made of 0.5mm thin plate.

Pipe plate is 0.8mm thick and silencer outer plate is only 0.5mm of SUS304 material(*). We designed super lightweight muffler. And still it has an efficient exhausting ability and cool sound. Only HKS can make this kind of high engineering exhausting parts.

(* the thickness is different for the different area of the parts)

Reasonable price

Usually super light muffler is made of titanium and they are very expensive. But HKS made super light muffler with stainless. Therefore HKS Hi-Power/Touring SPEC-L can be provided for a reasonable price.

Better performance

With HKS design efficient exhausting system and of course its lightweight will provide awesome performance of your vehicle.

  • SUS304
  • Advantex Glass Wool

Hi-Power SPEC-L

[Hi-Power SPEC-L]

The concept is the "light weight". It will give you the sporty look because of the carbon wrapped tip.

The weight gets half of the stock muffler. We made each pipe and silencer lighter. The appearance is aggressive cannonball design and we wrapped it with carbon at the tail. It is a pure sport muffler which has improvement in weight and output performance.

  • SUS304
  • Advantex Glass Wool

Touring SPEC-L

[Touring SPEC-L]

High-quality Design & Comfortable Exhaust Sound Matched with HKS Lightweight Technology

Exhaust system tends to be heavier if the design is elaborate and/or noise reduction is prioritized. However, this product utilizes lightweight components for each part's material including pipes, finisher, etc. and enables a weight reduction to 50% of the stock system to provide a light and agile driving feeling comparable to full sport mufflers.

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