Muffler Series

  • Advantex Glass Wool


[Hi-Power SPEC-R]

Sound, layout, exhaust performance, detailed finish of manufacturing. It is a real sport muffler.

Hi-Power Spec R mufflers are designed for no compromises whilst still maintaining a reasonable noise level for street use. In the pursuit of absolute efficiency, a one piece design was utilized and titanium was chosen as the preferred material due to it its incredible lightweight properties and durability against the weathering and long term use. Hi-Power Spec R mufflers are on average 65% lighter than the manufacturer's standard muffler system and the single piece design reduces the inefficiencies that can be found at joints whilst allowing for the straightest possible design.

■Internal Structure (CT9A)

  • The main material is lightweight and durable titanium.
  • Each part is reviewed to lighten its weight. It achieves 65% lighter than stock exhaust system.
  • There is no gap at flange portions because of the one piece design. The straight structure prevents resistance against exhaust gas flow and increases horsepower.
  • 2 layer design of tip prevents burning of bumper and has premium looking as street use model.
  • "JASMA" approved.

* Advantex is a registered trademark of Owens Corning.