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[Stainless exhaust manifold (Turbo)]

STAINLESS EXHAUST MANIFOLD pulls out potential power from turbocharged engine.

The best solution to reduce primary exhaust gas pressure and supply smooth exhaust gas to turbine is replacement of exhaust manifold. HKS supplies stock replacement type Stainless Exhaust Manifold.

■Turbine performance is affected by Exhaust Manifold.

Shape, diameter of pipes and production quality of Exhaust manifold between engine and turbine affects performance of turbine. HKS Exhaust Manifolds are developed with know-how and data from long time development experience of turbo technologies.
Diameter of pipes and design of bending are designed for each engine performance and displacement. Welding portion between flange and pipe is flattened to reduce friction of exhaust gas.
As a result, response of turbocharger at middle and high rpm range is improved. Both torque and horsepower will be increased.



When Stock Replacement Type Stainless Exhaust Manifold is installed to Lancer Evolution, rain water might come in through air duct of bonnet hood and exhaust manifold might be damaged by clack or rust. Duct Cover completely covers the air duct to prevent such problems.

  • Made of lightweight aluminum t=1.5mm. It is lightweight but durable.
  • It can be installed with spacer bolts without any modification.