For further performance enhancement.

Universal sport type catalytic converter that can be used various level of tuning cars. It is well balanced for high horsepower and high cleaning performance.

  • Target Horsepower 500 - 600PS.
  • It is well balanced for high horsepower and high cleaning performance.
  • Oval and Round types are released for various vehicles.
  • Oval Type can be used for φ85 - φ90 and Round Type can be used for φ115. (Modification is required.)
  • As they are universal type, flanges need to be welded.

(Vehicle Specifed)

Extension + center pipe characteristic (for R35)

  • It enables a total tuning from the exit of turbo to the center pipe. The balance from both of "exhaust gas cleaning" and "loss of low pressure" make better boost start and still environment friendly.
  • Stock has 4 catalyzers, but HKS Metal Catalyzer has only 2. These 2 catalyzers in the first section did pass the Japanese exhaust regulation. These 2 instead of 4 catalyzers lead to better performance for exhaust system.
  • The extension part of the turbo exit is mode with "Lost-wax casting" method. If the sheet metal working or press working is used, it has turbulence by the speed of the welding. But, HKS catalyzer has no inequality inside and allows a smooth flow.

* Exhaust gas test certificate is included.

Extension + FRONT PIPE pipe characteristic (for GRB)

  • Usually, under higher output, purification performance maybe low. But, HKS catalyzer has both high output capacity and still has high purification performance.
  • HKS catalyzer is 150 cells which make it less pressure for exhaust air thus produce higher output. Also the thickness of the fin to 0.1mm achieves better heat-resisting property.
  • Compared to stock catalyzer, both power and torque of mid RPM performance went up and has stable performance even for the high RPM.

* Exhaust gas test certificate is included.

Characteristics of round type (for CZ4A)

  • 300 cell and 150 cell (stock: 600 cell and 400 cell) combination type. Purification capacity is 300 cell level and 150 cell level for pressure, and the size is φ65 (stock: φ60).
  • The higher output and higher purification and well-balanced. By making it less exhaust pressure for 1st and 2nd, it helps to provide better boost start and have less influence for turbo charger.
  • From year 2005, Japan exhaust regulation became more strict, but our product passed regulation.

* Exhaust gas test certificate is included.

Racing Metal Catalyzer