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DryCarbon Suction Kit

Carbon fiber was chosen for its high tensile strength and beautiful appearance.

The twill weave emphasizes each strand of carbon and delivers a premium motorsport appearance. A Matte top coat is used to reduce unnecessary reflection and emphasizes the natural beauty of carbon fiber.
The intake efficiency is higher than the stock, but is still compatible with stock engine management.

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Weight Comparison (g)

Vehicle Material Unit (g) Weight Radio (%)
LEVORG Stock 500 100%
Carbon Parts 375 75%

Carbon Suction Kit

* This is a prototype that may differs in qppearance from the actual product.

The factory intake duct is only to connect the air intake boots to the turbocharger. HKS Carbon Suction Piping Kit was designed to improve the turbocharger’s intake efficiency by reducing the suction resistance. Also, when the boost pressure smoothly increases, the engine output at the low RPM can be improved, and the boost pressure at high RPM can be stabilized; therefore, the engine output at high RPM can be improved. 
This piping kit is made of Carbon that enhances the engine compartment appearance. Also, this kit can improve performance for the vehicle with the factory turbocharger to the one with Sport Turbine Kit.

*If the boost pressure is increased with the boost controller such as HKS EVC, the engine computer resetting may be necessary.

Application Chart Inventory