Brake's usage environment for tuned cars is much more severe than racing cars due to their weight and engine output. HKS Brake Fluid series were developed with careful analysis and tests of the actual data from races of various categories. HKS Brake Fluid series can assist reliable braking. Select the appropriate type for the purpose of usage.


Upgrade Your Brake System

High performance brake fluid SUPER BF5 - Dry boiling point at 282℃, Wet boiling point at 184℃. The excellent viscosity characteristics can be exerted when used in cold climates because of its high performance at low temperature even with its high boiling point. Intensive research of the kinetic viscosity under various driving conditions for street use enables stable braking in any conditions.


F-706 is the brake fluid which is very useful over a wide range from street use to circuit use. The boiling point of F-706 is higher than common brake oil for street use; therefore, the kinetic viscosity at high temperature is relatively high which is suitable for circuit use. The kinetic viscosity at low temperature is also higher than the brake fluid for race use; therefore, it does not effect on foot pedal operations for street use. F-706 is the multipurpose type brake fluid.

Dry Boiling Point (℃) Std. Value (DOT5.1) 260+
Typical Property 306
Wet Boiling Point (℃) Std. Value (DOT5.1) 180+
Typical Property 195
Kinetic Viscosity (mm2/s) -40℃ Std. Value (DOT4) 1800 or less
Std. Value (DOT5.1) N/A
Std. Value (JIS) 1500 or less
Typical Property 1734
100℃ Std. Value (DOT, JIS) 1.5+
Typical Property 2.786

ITEM Ref. Std. (BF5) SUPER BF5 F=-706
Dry Boiling Point 260℃+ 282℃ 306℃
Wet Boiling Point 180℃+ 184℃ 195℃
Kinetic Viscosity (mm2/s) @-40℃ 1500 or less 965 1734
@100℃ 1.5+ 2.296 2.786