HKS' experience and expertise of high performance engine tuning enable develop this HKS Pro Oil series. HKS Pro Oil series are special that only available for limited shops.
The newly developed "HIPER ESTER" is the base oil that enables remarkable lubrication performance and low friction.
There are flagship engine oils from the performance parts manufacture "HKS".

Premium Pro (0W-20/20W-60)

Best of the Pro Oil Series "HIPER ESTER" Blended Oil.

HKS is thinking that the engine oil is the part of the engine. Premium Pro oil is for professionals who can blend two viscosities of oil to obtain a specific viscosity by understanding of oil viscosity characteristics.

  • BASE OIL: 100% Synthetic Oil
  • SAE:0W-20/20W-60
  • HKS developed new base oil "HIPER ESTER" for general use by utilizing the knowledge of developing the ester based racing oil of HRM087. "HIPER ESTER" has incredible lubrication performance and low resistance addition to the stable viscosity and oil film that are characteristics of non polymer type oil. Extreme-pressure performance of this Pro Oil series works well especially for tuned engines.
  • Premium Pro oil has 2 grades; 0W-20 and 20W-60. "Engine oil setting" can be done by mixing these 2 types to obtain a specific viscosity to match the tuning level and/or use conditions. (See the Oil Mixture Viscosity Table below.) Oil viscosity can be adjusted as tuners want to reduce friction loss or to maintain sealing action with oil when clearance between parts must be wider, oil viscosity can be adjusted.

Mixture Viscosity Table

Mixture Viscosity Table
Racing Pro (-5w30/0w40/10w50)

Low friction oil with viscosity characteristic optimized at high temperature for Pro users.

Professional use oil premised on perfect mixing and viscosity setting based on the concept of "engine oil parts engine."

  • BASE OIL: 100% Synthetic Oil
  • SAE: 10W-50/0W-40/-5W-30
  • Low friction oil with viscosity characteristic optimized at high temperature for Pro users.
  • Basic characteristic is based on "Pro OIL". Names of items were changed from previous TURBO, NA, and RE to viscosity.
  • All viscosity grades can be used for the rotary engine (Low ash content).
  • Ester of the new oil is upgraded to the new generation "HIPER ESTER". Super low friction "-5W 30" is the best for the latest normal aspirated engines.
  • It has quicker response than "0W 30" class oils.
HKS Pro Oil Viscosity