HKS has full line up products for one of the world’s renowned automobile “R35 GT-R”. For the highest performance we are researching and developing the GT800 Racing Spec. and our newest product GT1000 Racing Spec. It’s very difficult to make the symmetric design layout but HKS can make it. The symmetric design layout produces absolutely high power even from the normal RPM range. We don't just provide power but we are designing for a total system to make the vehicle perform its best ability. And it’s getting better every year!

GT600 Racing Package

Release from the self-imposed restraint.

In Dec. of 2007, Japan’s best sport car R35 GT-R was introduced. It was one of the highest performing automobile. But it had only 480ps power because of the self-imposed restraint. And HKS boost package of GT570 and its upgrade version of GT600 released its full potential power.

GT800 Racing Spec

Battle for Time Attack.

600ps was top power output for the sport cars before. But for R35 GT-R, it’s only result of light tuning output. It has much more potential for higher power. If you want race in a circuit, you need more and more power to win. And the racing specification GT800 can produce 800ps to battle on the circuit with the R35 GT-R’s symmetric twin turbo and the engine that support it.

GT1000 Racing Spec

To be No. 1 in all places.

It’s very important to be No. 1 with the R35 GT-R because it’s No. 1 sport car in Japan. But that doesn’t mean to make the top speed machine. It’s not difficult to make the top speed with this monstrous machine. But even if you have the fastest speed machine, and can’t control it, it means nothing. You can’t win the battle in a race.
You need to be No. 1 in all system like torque, suspension, cooling, clutch, electronics and etc. To become No. 1 with R35 GT-R, HKS GT1000 is the perfect tuning menu.