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1.Compact Size

The HKS GT Supercharger employs the unique Torque Response Traction Drive System to deliver unparalleled efficiency. This system makes the size compact and the supercharger more durable even under high load.

2. High Efficiency

Comparing to the conventional positive-displacement superchargers, the centrifugal supercharger has higher compression efficiency. Also, the Torque Response Traction Drive can improve the transfer efficiency and reduce friction comparing to the conventional centrifugal superchargers.

3. Noise

Centrifugal compressor eliminates the pulsation noise of discharging air. Also, the traction drive utilized with the HKS GT Supercharger does not make gear noise. Furthermore, "No Backlash System" in the transmission eliminates the noise under the input torque fluctuation.

4. Durability & Fuel Economy

Torque Response System which eliminates unnecessary pushing force and restrain the stress amplitude, appropriate surface process, and material selection can extend its fatigue life. At low load the pushing force is proportionally low, resulting in less fuel burn than that of other traction drive supercharger designs, which improves fuel efficiency.

When the rotating force is increased, the roller moves toward the wedge (narrower) side. The wedge action makes the pushing force corresponding to the rotating force delivers the force from the input ring to the output axis.

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