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HKS x TONE Fitting Wrench HKS MoterSport

This product was developed together with TONE Co, Ltd.

This kit is including HKS know-how and the best selection of tools to make and maintenance with tuning cars.

Concept and Features

  • This fitting wrench is compatible with any manufacture used the tuned car for liquid line parts such as oil, fuel, and water.
  • This fitting wrench is made of steel, it is made very thin and can be used even in a situation where the engine room is dense such as a tuning car.
  • The exclusive set includes newly manufactured items and items from the existing line-up of TONE tool.
  • The kit includes one AN3, AN4, AN6, AN8, AN10 and AN12 wrench, as well as a private case

*Depending on usage conditions, the fitting may be damaged or scratched. HKS does not accept any such complaints, as this kit is professional tools and competition products.


Size Inch Expected Use
AN3 1/2 Brake line /
Clutch line /
NOS etc
AN4 9/16 Turbo Oil line etc
AN6 11/16 Fuel line etc
AN8 7/8 Oil cooler /
Power steering oil /
Fuel line etc
AN10 1 Engine Coolant etc
AN12 1-1/4 Engine Coolant etc

* Private case is include in a kit

* The list is a reference value. Please check the actual size before use.