Introducing new GT actuator series.
Very simple and for the first step of the boost up setup even before the EVC installation for your car.

Main Features

(1) You can have boost up even before the EVC installation.

HKS electric boost controller "EVC" control the engine boost with the function of correction map. But this enhanced actuator can be installed even before the EVC setup and enjoy the boost up. Of course, you can use it with EVC, too.

(2) Less effect on control of stock and has stable boost up.

10kPa(0.1kg/cm2) boost up capacity design, compare to the stock. This level of boost up can be controlled by stock ECU.

(3) The boost up feel of half throttle or high rotation speed range.

You cannot have boost up or stability at high speed rotation range with the normal actuator but with the HKS' know-how produced original actuator design can have them.

(4) Adopted turnbuckle specification rod end

Can adjust the supercharging pressure without taking off the rod end from turbo crankarms because of the turnbuckle specification rod end.

(5) Cool looks in engine room

For aluminum machined actuator case of purple alumite looks great. The awesome looking product, right next your turbo.


Concept & Features
  • Strengthening actuator spring can stabilize the supercharging pressure control for boosting up.
  • Finished the case body with high class looking machined aluminum of purple alumite.
  • Body case can be takedown which make possible for change the spring
  • There are 2 kinds of springs large and small, which could be installed and interchangeable (wite for small and yellow for large is factory default).
  • Alignment will be easy when using the same spring with existing steel case specification because it will have the same actuation feature.
  • We have improved the compatibility by unifying the place of the fixing screw, size of the screw and the diameter of the tube with the existing steel case specification.
  • Can have the supercharging pressure setting with the rod end by setting up the screw part to the rod.
  • Mounting and screw of the rod is M6/tube hose nipple of φ6.
Precautions for HKS buildup actuator replacement
  • The existing kit could interposition with because external size of the case is bigger than the existing steel case.
  • The rod is about 6mm shorter, so if you are replacing with existing kit you need to shorten 6mm in length. (when using the same springs)
  • For some case you might need to reinforce the stay, because the weight gets heavier.

aluminum small (short) : 263g

aluminum large (short) : 368g

steel small (short) : 145g

steel large (short) : 212g

Complete Parts

GT Actuator ASSY x 1
Spring for replacement [small:orange, large:blue] x 1
Instructions manual

Concept & Features
  • White, orange, yellow and blue are spring identification color
  • Small: white, orange, large: yellow, blue. (orange and blue represent firmness)

(1) Which one do you use first, small or large?

We can't just tell you what to use because they are quite different for each case. They are depend on engine and settings. But For GT-Pro as big valve has big exhaust pressure power to open the swing valve, so it's probably better to put the large.

  • Big swing valve such as GT-Pro turbocharger: large(yellow) or large(blue)
  • Small swing valve such as Turbocharger for GT series other than GT-Pro: small(white) or small(orange)

(2) Adjustment for supercharging pressure

Adjustment of the opening swing valve for starting pressure(length of the rod) can change the supercharging pressure.

  • If the supercharging pressure is entirely below the target, close the rod end (shorten) and rise the starting pressure of opening swing valve to get more power.
  • If the supercharging pressure is entirely above the target, loosen the rod end (longer) and rise the starting pressure of opening swing valve to get less power.

(3) Adjustment for supercharging pressure characteristics

To change the supercharging pressure characteristics, you have to change the springs or actuator itself (after change please reconduct(2) adjustment).

  • When it go down at supercharging gets high speed in rotation 
    small (white) ---> small (orange) ---> large (yellow) ---> large (blue) and change the spring or actuator itself.
  • When it go up at supercharging gets high speed in rotation
    large (blue) ---> large (yellow) ---> small (orange) ---> small (white) and change the spring or actuator itself.