Code No. 15006-AK007



Select Appropriate Core Size to Specifications



Extreme increases in oil temperature may cause serious damage to a tuned engine. To avoid the engine damage, an oil cooler is required. To maintain the oil durability and engine performance, oil temperature management by an oil cooler is important not only for a tuned engine but also standard engine.
For proper management, HKS newly offers a large sized 20-layer oil cooler core for better cooling performance stability and internal resistance reduction.



This core is included in Water-cooled Intercooler Kit for S660.


【Installed to S660】



Size of Oil Cooler Core

The size of the oil cooler is the core itself; bracket size, etc. are not included.
For the actual size including a bracket's length, hose installation portion, etc. , please see the diagram on the right.




W H D Row Heat dissipation cal Code No. Manual Remarks
200 274.5 32 20 13300 15006-AK007 Silver