Code No. 15004-AS002



Oil Cooler Kit with Optimum Core Size and Layout Design.
The kit for the hot-hatch Swift Sport with K14C turbo engine is released.





■Product Development Concept

The K14C turbo engine generates 140ps even only with 1.4 displacement. To stabilize the engine performance under street use, a water-cooled oil cooler is equipped. However, for driving on a winding road or circuit, the stock water-cooled oil cooler cannot perform sufficient heat exchange so the oil temperature is increased to 120℃ only after 5-minute driving and reaches to 130℃ afterwards.
Adding HKS air-cooled oil cooler with a special air guide improves the heat exchange performance to maintain the optimal engine oil temperature. This kit allows longer sport driving with a reliable heat exchange performance.




  • A compact 32mm 9-layer oil cooler core is utilized to mount it to a limited space in front of the radiator maintaining the optimal radiator's cooling performance
  • A special air guide is designed exclusively for this model to maximize the oil cooler core's heat exchanging capacity.
  • A high pressure-resistant stainless mesh hose is included.
  • A thermostat to prevent overcooling of the oil is include.
  • A PT1/8 sensor installation hole is in the filter mount.
  • Modification of the stock parts is minimized. (Cutting a part of the plastic radiator guide is required.)



■Test Data




Installation Image (1)

Installation Image (2)

Special Air Guide



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Core Size・Row Core Location Type Hose Size Aluminum Air Guide Code No. Manual Remarks
SWIFT SPORT ZC33S K14C(TURBO) 17/09 - 200x120x32・9 In front of the radiator S type #10 15004-AS002